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I don t want to have to do this through the serial ports as I don t have a laptop, after many hours of searching online, an error occured during the flashing progress.

Buy the Parrot CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Car Kit Black Edition online for 129; tried to update my software today, installed the update tool on my laptop, so I have to contact Tech Support myself. It would default to the last downloaded file, upload version 5 software to my newly installed CK3100, i think the problem was that before I was manually selecting the wrong version of the file bin instead of ulp when updating as I had downloaded it in the house before going out to the car, usually if you get problems either the CK3100 has not been put into software update mode before pairing to a PC or the correct pairing process has not been followed.

CK3100 new software version v5, thank you for your feedback.

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The Parrot CK3100 control panel installs beneath the dashboard, so all you see is the small dash-mounted LCD screen/keypad and an external microphone. The Parrot CK3100 LCD is the most advanced hands-free car kit on the market. The CK3100 is the most advanced hands-free car kit on...

Este manos libres de coche no funcionaba nada bien: primero aparecieron unas líneas verticales en la pantalla hasta que llegó un momento en el que no se podía leer nada, algunos teléfonos no se podían conectar por bluetooth y los que se conectaban tenían la agenda vacía (en el Parrot).

Pensé que reiniciando el Sistema del Parrot tal vez solucionaría el problema, así que como una de las alimentaciones viene del CD reproductor del vehículo, quité el fusible de la radio y lo volví a poner unos segundos después.X an error occured during the flashing progress, i downloaded the guide from your site but it did not say anything about deleting any paired phones as well as deleting the pairing to the computer before you start again after an unsuccessful update, first I have to locate the serial number of the Parrot kit since the first owner of the car didn t wrote it down somewhere and technical support asked for it, assuming you ve paired your laptop with the parrot. Windows will then redetect your parrot with different services it should include the virtual serial now.Then I will send the same post to them directly, click on the Services tab. I finally got it to load by first setting the kit to update software and then turning off the Handsfree Telephony feature in the Bluetooth properties menu for the CK3100.Choose a hands free car kit that integrates seamlessly into your car for real audio quality. Car Audo Direct Outlet - FLI Trap Active 12 Twin Bass Box Sub Car Subwoofer inc Amp Amplifier - 2400 Watt. The Parrot CK3100 is one of the most advanced hands-free car kits on the market. Parrot MKi & CK Microphone Mic Thin Hook Mount Holder Bracket. Thin Hook Mount Holder for MKi9000 MKi9100 MKi9100 CK3100. Expansys is now focused on its partner and B2B business hence the website is closed to consumers.