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Media narrative – In the immediate aftermath, the rolling news curiously imprints the same effect on your mind as binge watching the Real Housewives of Cheshire – first there’s spittle, then resentment, and finally a numbed passivity.Following the BBC coverage you’d be forgiven for thinking an accident had happened – perhaps a crash on the M60 or a collapsed concert hall brought on by shoddy workmanship – certainly not a politically inspired suicide attack brought on by a medieval religious text.Most so-called “free online dating sites” or “freedatingsites” aren’t actually free.

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Only a small handful of those online dating services in the United States, fewer than 25, are considered “major”.Major is defined as “online dating services which have more than one million current, active, and unique members”.Some other major online dating services in the United States include, Perfect, and Zoosk.According to Online Dating Magazine, 99% of all new online dating services will fail.This is because online dating services require a huge up-front investment in order to attract the number of users needed to be effective.

The majority of new services have no upfront investment.Cue the desperation to portray Muslims in a good light even if it’s a woman in a Burhka with the words spelled out in various forms of ammunition (link here) – in retrospect, quite funny.Andy Burnham – Our new Major of Manchester and Koranic expert Andy Burnham said ‘this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim’.It has now been roughly 23 days since I last had a drink or, more precisely, 552 hours or 33120 minutes or 1987200 seconds and counting; I said roughly remember, I can’t recall the exact moment when I quit, I’m not an addict for gods sake – just dedicated, to booze that is – I’m a dedicated drinker.Like most of the population (I suspect, if we’re honest) I’ve dedicated more of my life to the heady elixir of fermented yeast than perhaps anything else – admit it, you probably have to0. The scraps and confrontations, the pregnancies and STDs, the weight gain, the cold blue dawn light of clarity followed by regret and apprehension concluding in anxiety and paranoia, the vomit, the divorces, the heartbreak and fallings out, the indigestion and acidity, bloated tummies and empty wallets; a Mephistopheles of the soul: a scatterer, a disperser, a plasterer of lies, seeking to corrupt men, a foot soldier of Lucifer. A diligent and efficient waiter – French perhaps – to serve and ultimately collect the half bitten empty morsels of those already damned. All I know is that everyone, everywhere, loves booze, all the time, throughout the ages – without exception.That and porn; and like smut it seems to be everywhere.