Taiwanese live private cam

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Investigators were looking into excessive speed as the possible cause of a bus crash in Taiwan that killed 32 people and injured several others in the island's worst road accident in more than three decades, an official said Tuesday.

The bus flipped over Monday evening while cornering on an expressway ramp in Taiwan's capital Taipei after taking a tour group to view cherry blossoms.

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The website address is registered in the US with domain name registrar Go Daddy and the website's servers are located in Russia, according to Internet services website Although some of Insecam's footage links are unable to load, the working ones show kitchens, bedrooms and offices.Highway police spokesman Ma Ling-wen said the speed limit on the ramp was 40 kph (25 mph) but it was not clear how fast the bus had been going.Ma said speed had not yet been ruled out as a cause of the crash.These include IP cameras from unsuspecting users from the US, China, Taiwan and even as far as Uganda and Iceland.785 CCTV streams are supposedly from Singapore.

The home page of Insecam's website states: "This site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings."There are also camera advertisements on the website.

Footage is believed to be from CCTV and IP cameras. These are popular as the camera footage can be viewed via an Internet-enabled smartphone or computer.

To view the camera recording, a user needs to enter a username and password.

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Some popular brands of cameras found on the website include Linksys, Panasonic and Foscam.