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If the gap is too large it may seem as if you and your partner grew up in two different worlds.

popularity (pictured above) and the epic romance between Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor. In my experience, women older than me are monumentally more likely to have their shit sorted and know who they are and where they’re going than younger ones.

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The type of women I find attractive really know how to enjoy life and really don’t care too much about what anybody thinks they should do, how they should behave and who they should date. Some of the women my age are trying to wife me up in a matter of days just so we can sit around on the sofa. So that kind of narrows down the dating pool for women my age.

Frankie, I’m in my early forties and I’ve started to casually date again after being single for almost a year. Both dates were a lot of fun but the girls turned out to be younger than I thought… Not sure if I should ask them out on a second date because of the age difference of more than ten years is not really going to work for me, I think. What is the maximum age difference you think for a relationship to work?

I have no objections, I go wild for older women, I'm just not sure of the motive for such a preference. I don't particularly look for who is younger, but who I have sparks with.

I've kind of messed about in the past and recently I've met someone who I really feel strongly about, she's 13yrs older than me and I'm not sure what she wants. My last girlfriend was 2 years younger than me, my ex-boyfriend was 4 years older, people I have been infatuated with have been my age or /- 5 years.

On the flip side, I have found that relationships with an age difference of more than ten years can be challenging because the gap becomes almost generational, and differences in things like pop culture and worldviews become more glaring.

Couples with such a gap will share fewer cultural reference points to relate to.

Dear Young at Heart, Depending on the maturity and energy levels of you and your dates, I see no problem with a ten-year age difference.

I’ll use myself as an example; even at a young age almost all my closest friends were at least several years older than me.

I just think that younger women are more approachable and I suppose in a way I'm more attracted to them. Feeling vulnerable myself I would advise you to take it slowly with this woman, if she's confused and maybe you could make her happy-make you both happy...

People are always surprised to hear me say this: I prefer to date younger women.

A 19-year-old Florida teen behind bars for having relations with an underage girl says she has no apologies but does have one regret — that she ever trusted her ex-girlfriend.