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W3C Members can also participate in the W3C XML Schema Interest Group, a forum for the discussion of technical issues relating to the development of XML Schema.

See also: Robin Cover's index of XML Schema materials.

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XML Schema 1.1 Part 2: Datatypes and XML Schema 1.1 Part 1: Structures are available.The behaviour of the elements can be changed depending on the values assigned to the attributes.A client implements a set of interfaces that are called by the parser when it passes over nodes in the document.Methods are called for the document, elements, attributes, and other types of nodes.XML Schema 1.1 (in two parts) is a W3C Recommendation.

It is intended to be mostly compatible with XML Schema 1.0 and to have approximately the same scope, but also to fix bugs and make whatever improvements we can, consistent with the constraints on scope and compatibility.This type of API is called a "push model" because the document information is pushed from the parser to the client.The middle part of Figure 1 illustrates the SAX approach to parsing.Otherwise, when you validate, the validation will start where the save left off - at the end of your data.Also, you need to make sure that you dispose of readers and streams properly.They provide a means for defining the structure, content and semantics of XML documents. XML Schema 1.0 was approved as a W3C Recommendation on and a second edition incorporating many errata was published on 28 October 2004; see reference list for pointers.