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We have been investigating reports that client status for Windows Media Player security updates, released 2/15 in MS06-005 and MS06-006, were reported as installed instead of non-applicable.

We have been able to reproduce and verify that for these updates WSUS, SMS, using ITMU, and MBSA are reporting a status of Installed when in fact the update is not installed and should not be applicable for that client.

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This means that if your server has reported status and detected 13 updates that it can install in a first run, while you have approved 22 updates for this server in WSUS, the server will download and install these first 13 updates and probably ask you to reboot afterward.

When you check the logfile (C: Windows Windows Update.log) after the reboot you will find that the other 9 updates are not detected after the reboot. Open up a command prompt and execute the following command: The commandline option resetauthorization tells windows update to get rid of the cached cookie.

Windows Update Sensor started to fail on the most of windows 2012 servers. (code: PE205) I have net framework and powershell installed correctly on every windows. Do other commands work if you perform an Enter-PSSession from the probe to one of the monitored systems?

Please make sure your WSUS is configured correctly. Thank you Best Regards prtg windows wsus $searcher = (New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. Unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot powershell remoting, it is a windows component/feature.

We’re using WSUS 3.0 to update our environment with the latest Windows Updates. The majority was downloaded and after rebooting the server when these updates were installed, windows update failed to detect and download the rest of the required updates within a reasonable amount of time.

I found that sometimes when a lot of updates had to be installed on a server, not all approved updates were downloaded to the server.This mis-representation of the applicability status of these updates as .Status resulting if the updates are in fact installed, or needed by the clients, is correctly reported.Due to the issue, but seemingly explained away as a "new approach to servicing," Microsoft is extending the requirement for the installation of Update 1 from 30 days to 120 days.Update 1 is still a required update, meaning without it no further security updates will be offered, however, the new date for completion is August 12, 2014. S., MCITP: EA, MCDBA, MCSA Principal/CTO, Onsite Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas Microsoft MVP - Software Distribution (2005-2012) My MVP Profile: