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His most successful single, "Black and Gold", garnered him a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2009.

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His stage name was derived from a family nickname, which in turn was inspired by the Sydney radio announcer Gary O'Callaghan's on-air character Sammy Sparrow.He was signed to the British record label Island Records.A lot of these singers are probably your personal favorites by now, some you may have never heard of, but don’t lie, you know you were telling your friends at one point or another, “Oh snap, I just assumed he/she was black…”You’re not the only one.Even in 2017, it's not entirely easy to not succumb to the pressures of what should and shouldn't be in Hollywood, especially when it comes to public image.Nonetheless, these 48 stars remain an exception to the stigma by coming forward with their sexuality.

In honor of Pride month, i Heart Radio has rounded up 48 that you didn't know were gay or bisexual because there's no better feeling than championing others. Bella Thorne Bella Thorne went public with her sexuality after she shared footage of her kissing another girl on Snapchat.The single was certified platinum by the Belgian Entertainment Association.Sam Sparro, the Australian born pop, dance, house, and soul singer-songwriter, producer, and remix engineer, has released two studio albums.Sparro's debut single, "Cottonmouth", was released in late 2007.His second single, "Black and Gold", peaked at number two in the United Kingdom in April 2008 and at number four in Australia, and has since been used in soundtracks and promotional campaigns for various television series, video games, and films."Happiness" is a song by Australian singer-songwriter, music producer, and former child actor Sam Sparro.