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They settled just outside Chicago, in Wilmette, Illinois.

And that's pretty much what was happening off-screen, too!

But don't just take my word for it; get it straight from the source ().

Gossip had it that things between them were serious; Elvis dismissed the stories as studio publicity, but they were true.

Priscilla made her displeasure known to Elvis, and though he pleaded his innocence, she really didn’t buy it. When Ann-Margret walked onto the back lot around eleven o’clock one evening, all eyes were instantly glued to her, including Elvis’ – he lit up like an incandescent light.

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If you fancy a shop around first, simply head to the edit below where you'll find out top alternatives from the likes of Sophia Webster to Nike - all budgets covered!When Elvis finished shooting his scene, he eagerly walked over to her.They hugged, and then he took her by the hand and motioned me to follow them.), or because "Viva Las Vegas" was that great of a film (but for an Elvis film, it's pretty good!), but because the on-screen chemistry between them was NOT ACTING.Her singing and acting careers span five decades, starting in 1961; initially, she was billed as a female version of Elvis Presley.