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Being born after the Revolution of Iran, Björlin says she "grew up in a time where Iranians were looked down upon in places of the world".Björlin's family moved back and forth between the States and Sweden before she was seven years old.Brady will promise that he’s not going to let anything bad happen to Nicole or her little girl.

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Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) and Risa Dorklen (Amy) chat with Michael Fairman and preview the GH Nurses' Ball episodes airing this week on General Hospital.

Viewers can expect both Robert and Risa in musical numbers as we get a teaser of what is to come when Dillon and Amy take the stage at the ball, and the drama that may ensure backstage.

Hillary (Jennifer Landon) will introduce herself and insist that she wants to know all about them.

Naturally, this intrusion will make Nicole incredibly uncomfortable.

Nicole will still be nervous, but she’ll hope that this can be her fresh start.

She just wants a chance to raise her daughter in peace.

She has described her childhood as "wonderful" with "loving parents and siblings to lean on", although Björlin recalls being "oblivious" to racial tensions going on in Sweden.

Although she never attended school there, a few of her siblings did and she remembers them talking about how they "experienced some torment" from classmates due to being half-Iranian.

Björlin is fluent in English, Swedish, and Persian and is also schooled in French, Italian, and Russian. Björlin's family moved to her father's native country of Sweden while she was still an infant.

She also has an older half-brother Kaj, and two older half-sisters Katja and Kamilla, from her mother's first marriage.

Too bad there won’t be a “Dirty Soap: Part 2” to find out!