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So why I’m writing a heads-up before the official roll-out: The latest UI5 version 1.28 that is available via the NW UI add-on V1.0 SP12, HCP and soon via SP13 is already such a stable version.

In case you have go-live date close by and are targeting a stable stack, please decide for SAPUI5 1.28 and directly avoid older releases that are no longer supported.

Once you appreciate why equipment fails, how equipment fails and when equipment fails you can select the right mix of maintenance strategies to extend and maximise its service and performance.

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Creating and maintaining content on your website is a crucial key to success, especially for businesses that connect with customers mainly in the digital sphere.

Your content is your first impression, your reputation, and your relationship with your online visitors.

Maintaining the content on your website is not optional if you wish to remain competitive.

On one hand, it’s a customer service issue – you want every customer that visits your website to be confident that the information they’re reading is current and accurate.

It also introduces you to the maintenance strategies available to you today and how they work.

You will also discover within the article many maintenance management benefits that each maintenance strategy will bring you.

From a branding perspective, you want the first experience a potential customer has with one of your landing pages to be positive.

If being an authority in your industry is important to your brand image, you should regularly do a deep-dive in your content to address any weak spots.

Maintenance is a risk management practice used to maximise production and minimise loss and waste.

Selecting a successful maintenance strategy requires a good knowledge of equipment failure behaviour and maintenance management practices.

Content that’s most successful (read: visited most frequently) beyond the first weeks of publication can attribute its success both to the evergreen nature of the content and to the freshness of the topic in question.