Updating a 70 s contemporary house

Many of you guys have been following my blog for awhile now and have already seen the before pictures of the upstairs living area, but I'll share them again, as it's always a nice reminder of how outdated our house was when we first moved in.

This is the living room in May of 2010 when we first moved in..to wall carpet, outdated light fixtures, dark wood trim, and windows so old that you could feel the wind in your hair when you stood next to them. There was a wall between the kitchen and dining room that made the room almost too tiny to use.

Decor of the time was all about color on top of color, using bright, earthy tones such as avocado green, burnt orange, medium brown and harvest gold. Tone down those '70s colors and modernize your bedroom with walls, rugs and linens that are primarily white.

Incorporate the '70s hues in the accents such as decorative pillows, wall art or the seat of your tulip chair.

But I kinda ran out of time (duty called) before I could share the finished living room.

So, a quick 5 months after I finished it, today I can finally show it to you.

Most of my books about the history of the built environment don't really discuss this style of house.

I think they are an important lynch-pin between the more modest ranches and split-levels of the fifties and sixties and the Mc Mansion boom of the 1980s.

Keep large, staple items modern and mix them with your favorite details from the decade, but please leave the lava lamps and tie-dye in the past.

If there is anything that defines the decor of the '70s, it is the color palette that has been all but retired since.

Located in Beverly Hills, California, USA, the Beverly Hills House was a preexisting 70s contemporary home limited in design by the materials of the era.

The current homeowners hoped that Mc Clean Design could open their home to the views with large expanses of glazings and at the same, while the home was undergoing its transformation, increase the number of bedrooms within the residence.

We survived 4 months of colic/milk allergy/reflux and between that and a pretty difficult pregnancy, I felt like the wind had been knocked out of my sails.