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Though there is no known published reference books that date or 'grade' Atmos Clocks based on age or condition, the Chart below may be helpful in determining the age of your Atmos Clock.

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Swiss watch brands include those from major manufacturers of including Breitling, Longines, IWC and more.The Swiss watch industry is the largest in the world and Switzerland has been known as the center of the watch industry for more than 400 years.The watch industry has proposed a rule that 80 percent of the production costs be in Switzerland for a watch to be described as a Swiss watch.Swiss watches may be battery, quartz or mechanical (hand-wound), analog, digital or analog/digital.- Clock runs perfectly; case is in perfect condition, no fading and no highline scratches-even at very close inspection; often original box, packing material and documentation included.

A good way of determining the approximate value of your particular clock is to regularly visit on-line Auction Sites; look for clocks at auctions similar to yours, comparing your clock to identical ones with the final "winning bid amounts".Prices at auction sites are often reflective of the current market value of most any item.List of Swiss watch brands that include the most reliable models available.The archived geodata should be made available in a future geo information system.Within the project Ellipse, swisstopo and the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) are developing a solution for the archiving of geodata.The National Maps were implemented in varying scales up and subsequently replaced the Dufour and Siegfried maps and their supplements.