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High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara welcomed the gathering and outlined the importance of the Vesak day and the extensive arrangements made by the High Commission in collaboration with the City authorities to celebrate Vesak in New Delhi.receives applications for new passports from Sri Lankan nationals.

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Please carry all valuables with you when you leave the aircraft at transit stops, and be sure that you have all your belongings, including overhead luggage, when you disembark at your final destination Following the cabin baggage limitations is extremely important for your safety as it minimizes the risk of injury to passengers and crew.Any overweight cabin bag shall be retrieved at the boarding gate and subjected to an excess baggage fee. Delivering your valuables to your desired destination safely is a responsibility that we take on with pleasure.In order to ensure the safe travelling of your luggage without any hassle, please read through our baggage section to have an understanding about your baggage allowance as well as our airline baggage rules so that you can pack all that you need with ease.The Pandal attracted the local crowds in numbers soon after its 15,000 multi-coloured bulbs illuminated the night skies.

Although the “Buddha Purnima” is a government holiday and is celebrated by the Buddhists in India, “Vesak Pandals” are not a widely known cultural feature.

The Sri Lankan presidential election of 1994 was the third presidential election of Sri Lanka.

Nominations were accepted on 7 October 1994, and the election was held on 9 November 1994. Prime Minister Chandrika Kumaratunga of the governing People's Alliance was elected, receiving 62% of all votes cast.

President Ranasinghe Premadasa was assassinated in 1993 by the Tamil Tigers and was succeeded by the Prime Minister, Dingiri Banda Wijetunga.

President Wijetunga chose not to run in the 1994 election; therefore the United National Party selected Leader of the Opposition Gamini Dissanayake as their candidate.

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