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With Internet dating you may have long e-mail and phone chats before dating.

When you finally meet, you may wish to end the date at speed!

Provides a reference to order copies of death certificates from the national registrar of births, marriages and deaths – the General Register Office. They are the primary source documenting deaths before 1837, though are useful to the present. British Turret lane, erected in 1848, for 230 boys, 159 girls & 125 infants; average attendance, 219 boys, 176 girls & 118 infants.

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"Think of using your core muscles (engage your abdominals and pull your navel to your spine) to keep your torso straight," says Dalena Christian, who teaches a Pilates swimming system at Ragdale Hall.

Think about powering the arm movement with the shoulder to counteract desk-hunch.

Good freestylers will burn 100 calories every 10 minutes (more than jogging).

How to do it properly: people talk about Ian Thorpe, aka the Thorpedo, doing the "Australian Crawl".

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Swimming is one of the best ways of exercising, but bad technique can result in injury, says former swimming champion Sharon Davies. FREESTYLE (front crawl) What it does to your body: the fastest stroke, front crawl tones your glutes, abdominals and shoulders and, of all the strokes, strengthens the back most, according to Steve Price, a swimming instructor at Courtney's (08707 878090).

Calories burned: swimming uses all the major muscles groups in the body at once, so it's a good calorie-burner.

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6th June 2017 - Speedmatching Event with VOSCUR Bristol.

An index to births registered throughout England & Wales.