Sophos puremessage not updating

offerings went from a simple, standalone scanner with some basic network messaging capabilities to a fully fledged enterprise suite, with the addition of centralized management, reporting and updating, desktop firewalls and gateway mail scanners.

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Windows Thread, Sophos error : Could not find a source for updated packages in Technical; Just got a load of our machines (students) in the Sophos Enterprise console, installed fine but some are now showing ...Hi guys, Just installing Sophos Pure Message on a new Exchange, how do I find out my Trusted Upstream Mail Relay?Check off Enable on-access scanning for this computer 1.Ensure the Pure Message tagging are enabled Open Pure Message Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy Anti Spam Configure subject tags and X-headers Then enable all X-header tagging. Ensure the sender address or domain is not listed in Allowed Senders’s list Open Pure Message Configuration Transport SMTP scanning policy Anti Spam Select Allow specific sender Once you have verified […] This article describes how to configure the update settings for a single computer.This is typically one that has had Sophos Anti-Virus installed by the standalone installer.

You can configure the update settings locally or centrally.I currently have an MX Record at Fasthosts which points the old Exchange 2003 server site. I had this exact same question and I asked Sophos Technical support.However I will be changing the MX Record shortly to point at our new server and would like to setup Pure Message properly and it is asking for a Trusted Upstream Mail Relay, how would I find this out? The response I got was as follows: If you have a direct SMTP feed to your server you will not have any upstream trusted relays (in the case of an MX record pointing to your server).Most entries provide some useful information succinctly – some terms were new even to me (‘bluesnarfing’, apparently, is the theft of data from a mobile phone over a Bluetooth connection).Towards the end is some general information on how various types of security software operate and how best to minimize exposure to a range of threats.Open command prompt and browse to C:\Program Files\Sophos\Pure Message\bin\ and unregister the Pure Message services with the following four commands: /unregserver /unregserver mmrot2/unregserver /unregserver /unregserver 3b. WARNING: To preserve the items that are currently quarantined: delete all files and folders beneath the Pure Message folder apart from C:\Program Files\Sophos\Pure Message\Quarantine.