Sms dating software

By choosing p H7CMS, you are finally in the total control of your Business!v Plus Dating software is our latest product suite that extends the traditional dating concept to include full video to flash conversion and streaming, that allows members to upload, rate and comment on member videos.This feature filters out 'time-wasters' and also helps provide a safer environment for your members.

The software can be installed on any of the v Plus or v Plus Adult platforms and caters to all 6 skins, so that your brand image is maintained.

The features and functionality is a subset of the existing site software, however the software is optimised for fast download, easy navigation and simple features..

With this product your customers can communicate at all levels through internal messages.

If you want to change your website all you need to do is upload the new template to the folder “_frameworks” on your hosting.

If the website is visited on a phone, the script automatically redirects the user to the mobile version, ligher and faster to operate on a mobile phone.

The mobile version has almost the same number of features as the “big” website.With support for couples profiles and includes adult themed data and templates this package is ideal for running sites for swingers or related communities.A vital component of this software is the facility for other members to validate and verify that other members are genuine fun seekers.Immediately you will see the new template in the admin cp and will be able to choose it.As the administrator you can control all the features of your website, switch them on and off, ban users, check the contents they upload, receive payments from the users, edit templates, and a lot more.You do not need to pay any monthly fees for this service, you have an unlimited access to the video and audio chat on your website.