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Filed: September 7, 2000 This is an appeal from a summary judgment in favor of appellees, Suburban Hospital, Inc., and William Minogue, M. Did the court below err in finding that the HCQIA bars Dr. Bender, 3 2 with caveats about her behavior, for 19. Harris Kenner, the chairman of the Department of Medicine, recommended Dr. All four physicians were members of the Medical Staff Executive Committee (“MEC”) and, as a group, they constituted, according to testimony, an informal credentialing subcommittee that convened on infrequent occasions. 2 The hospital confers staff privileges on a two-year basis. Bender’s reappointment letter of February 2, 1989, warned: There have been problems in the past associated with attitude towards nurses. 4 At the meeting, which took place on October 22, 1992, the committee presented Dr.

The court later disposed of the other counts on final summary judgment, finding that the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (“HCQIA”), 42 U. The incidents for 1991 include an “altercation” with a member of the nursing staff. 3, 1998) (“The court is mindful that ‘[p]laintiff is entitled to a reasonable investigation under the [HCQIA], not a perfect investigation.’”) (quoting Sklaroff v.

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The information you get includes inmate’s age, race, release date, and current location.Click here for US Federal Prisons There is no national database that includes all inmates in all state prisons.Ask for the Inmate Information telephone number, then call that number.Be prepared with the following information about the inmate you are inquiring: Inmate's Last Name and First Name Date of Birth Prison ID Number or Social Security Number – (optional, it varies from state to state) They will give you his current location and other pertinent information that may be available to the public. The complaint prayed for injunctive relief and damages. It entered final judgment in favor of appellees on all counts on September 10, 1999, and this appeal duly followed. Suburban made “a reasonable effort to obtain the facts of the matter,” as required by 42 U. Testimony showed that several of these reports may have been trivial or 3 retaliatory in nature.

D., Suburban’s Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs. Bender’s complaint alleged that Suburban breached a contract of employment by terminating her clinical privileges and that both defendants defamed her and intentionally interfered with contractual relations and prospective advantage. Did the court below err in granting summary judgment for defendants, even though the HCQIA affords qualified for liability from only immunity damages, and Dr. Bender’s damage claims on the ground that the evidence failed to raise a jury question as to whether a. In November 1990, however, she was reappointed without caveats for 19. Bender with a long list of the incident reports lodged in her quality assurance (“QA”) file.

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Appellees cite reports dating from the early 1980’s documenting Dr. Instead, the sole issue here is whether the basis for Suburban’s challenged professional review action is in the main sufficient.

Bender was taken in the reasonable belief that it was “warranted by the facts known after . This board, we note, examines, licenses, supervises, and disciplines Maryland’s physicians. Bender’s relationships with fellow health care providers at Suburban have been troubled.

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