Sametime status not updating updating maps for mio c230 gps

In each of these directories you'll find If you want to purge the cache for a community you can close the Notes client, clear the contents of the .index file (you may be able to delete the file altogether but I haven't tried) and delete the xml and image files.

When you restart Notes and hover over a Sametime contact the client will refetch the business card data. If set to zero ('0'), the client refreshes data at every restart. What is worse is that if you take a sampling of five users, three out of the five will have completely different information show up in the business card for a specified user.

Do you have issues with people appearing online when they are away?

From this same preferences screen, you can also change other Sametime settings, like how long your computer sits idle before Sametime changes to Away.Auto Status does not change to Away status when users lock their workstation.To do this open up your Notes Client with the Sametime Admin ID and connect to the Sametime configuration DB (stconfig.nsf).Now open up the LDAP config doc and add Grea tip, quick comment. Many customers are upgrading their pre 8.5 Sametime environments to 8.5.x Versions and therefore have to change the directory lookups to LDAP.

(If you already used LDAP lookups just ignore this post.) Unfortunately online awareness for hierarchical names will not work anymore in the Lotus Notes Client (still works for email addresses): field will be your hierarchical name and you have to add it to the LDAP lookup.WAAS Express uses the capabilities of IOS software and provides a small-footprint, cost-effective solution that transparently integrates into the Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) Generation 2 (G2).WAAS Express extends the WAN optimization solution to the entire ISR G2.Back If you use Sametime with IBM Notes there are a couple of settings that will help people who are trying to contact you via Instant messaging (IM): 1.When you are in a meeting (booked via your Notes calendar) you can configure Sametime to automatically set your status as 'In a Meeting' i. In the Sametime preferences check 'Meetings scheduled in my calendar' is Enabled and Automatically change my status is selected iii.Here's a handy tip that helps me out a lot, because I'm always forgetting to change my Sametime status when I'm in a meeting... This blog and podcast is managed by Julia Brown, and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines.