Rani shahid dating

However, with time, the two have managed to leave the past behind and let their bad memories be buried deep.

Now, of course, Abhishek is married to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, while Rani is seeing Aditya Chopra.

“He plays a surly smouldering ball of flame, an arrogant and unstoppable warrior who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ranveer who is by nature gregarious intends to seclude himself to feel his character’s egoistic personality,” reveals the source.

This would be his most menacing character to date, and in sharp contrast to Shahid’s gently poetic Rajasthani warrior’s character,” adds the source.

Once Ranveer resumes shooting for Padmavati he intends to get into an isolated huddle with himself.

There will be a lot of poetry and romance in their togetherness.

Sanjay Bhansali will also shoot a romantic number featuring them.” “There is no room for romance or singing in Ranveer’s character.

There were even rumours of them being in a relationship, although there was no real confirmation, which is why Miss Malini reader Ishan asked Industrywalla recently whether the two were dating. Miss Malini reader Ishan asked: Did Rani Mukerji and Abhishek Bachchan ever date each other?

Industrywalla: Yes, this has been one of the least talked about secret affairs of our times.

The two had very different likes and dislikes, and very little in common..

In fact, when things started getting serious, she told Bachchan junior to draw the line and maintain his distance. so much so that Rani wasn’t even invited for the big wedding (which she never seemed too happy about – in an interview in 2011, this is what the actress remarked when asked about Abhishek’s wedding: ).

He followed it with roles in several commercial failures before starring in Sooraj Barjatya's top-grossing family drama Vivah (2006).