Please check the controlling of updating backorders

Enabled product types will have a stock field added to them; this field will hold the current stock count.A rule is created by the module to decrease the stock level when an order is complete.1 Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code(T001)Company is created by FI Consultant.

please check the controlling of updating backorders-89

Edit a product by clicking its name, or Add a new one. On the Edit a Product screen, select the Inventory tab. Proceed to either Tracking Inventory by Product or Tracking by Product Option. This module provides stock management for Drupal Commerce stores.The A group represents 10 to 20% by number of items, and 50 to 70% by projected dollar volume.The next grouping, B, represents about 20% of the items and 20% of the dollare volume.All you need to know is the domain name and the password of the Owner or Admin contacts.

If you do not know the password of the Owner contact, you can reset it, if necessary You can also use an Auth Code to set the Privcy controls - you would get this from your registrar.

The module currently implements a sub module 'simple stock' providing most of the features in version 1 out of the box. Enable the Commerce Stock API, Commerce Simple Stock, and Commerce Simple Stock Rules modules. Go to Home » Administration » Store » Configuration » Stock management 4. Check the product types you want simple stock to manage and hit submit Important: you may need to clear caches after installing and enabling stock for your products!

To implement your own business logic: install the modules and configure the rules. add to cart validation The add to cart is now checked using rules: Event "Check if a product is in stock" It passes in the Product, Requested Quantity, the Quantity already in the cart & the total requested (Requested already in cart) The action "Set the result of a stock check" allows you to set the following stock action: block transaction - block adding to cart and display a message to the user display message only - allows adding to cart and display a message to the user Message: the message to display to the user Approved Quantity: the quantity to add to the cart, allows you to approve 1 if 3 where asked for and two already in cart.

Advanced configuration of the add to cart form This action will allow us to do much more then just disable the add to cart.

Options are: Each product type that is to be stock controlled is to be enabled using the admin interface.

If you registered you domain name directly with us, login and use the options to modify the domain privacy or modify the contact privacy options of your records.