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“You either have more casually driven sites or ones that really emphasize relationships. Luckily, Lavalife has a few tips on how to bring the fun back into dating for 2015: 1.

We decided we wanted to fall in the middle.” By moving away from high-pressure messaging of marriage and love, they are hoping to make a space where singles can connect in a way that’s enjoyable and stress-free. Stand out from the pack with an interesting ice breaker As a woman who has received more terrible online dating messages than I could ever count, I can say with certainty that no good can come from sending someone a message that just says “SUP?

12.5 miles away Wanna meet Long Term Potentials Shares 2 interests & 1 connection Discover which one of the 100 HOTTEST Celebs you most look like using our scientific Google-strength face matching technology Meet your own Ryan Goslings or Kate Uptons in your city Anonymously invite and find out if your crushes are interested in you.Sign up Unlike Tinder, we automatically build your match's profile based on his/her mobile data, not Facebook or other social media data.There’s so much pressure from society to find that one person, pair off and start building your life, that the whimsy of dating often gets lost in the shuffle - this is especially true when it comes to finding love online.Online dating website Lavalife has decided to address this issue through rebranding and relaunching their site. As Alisa Civiero, lead of the Lavalife Relaunch Project explains, when it comes to dating pressure, “it’s not really fair to the single person. I feel like I am on the dating train to disappointment ville.

Having been single for more than a few years, I’ve decided to be a bit more proactive with my dating life.So, rest assured that what you read from his/her profile is trully who he/she is in real life!All of your matches' photos have been verified and approved before you can view them.People feel so nervous on a date that they don’t get to know each other.” In turn, they forget what dating should be about: Having fun.As Civiero points out, there’s a gap in the online dating industry.Make this the season you lounge in a park across town, get drinks at a bar that's a little out of your way, and meet a new crowd.