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Since 1992, our Kenya program has supported and empowered millions of Kenyans, creating a healthier future for families, communities, and the country as a whole.Our longstanding partnerships are key to our success.So we spend a lot of time listening and taking notes and we’ve come up with an oversimplified concept to try and sum it all up: #Sex Money Fun All over the world, teenagers take an interest in sex, money, fun and the internet.But in Kenya, we have found that the four are so interrelated, that they deserve to be connected not just into a single concept, but into a single word.If you do not fall within this category, you may be in breach of laws or regulations applicable in your country of residence or in your country of access and you should leave the Site immediately.

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We are calling it #Shujaaz360 We’ve got lots and lots of numbers (quantitative data collected via nationally representative surveys), and we’ve got deep, rich and textured stories (qualitative data collected face to face with young people, by young people, through scenario-enriched focus groups: what we call ‘Ground Truth’, through games and even by going under-cover). A huge digital conversation that we have triangulated with our ‘quant’ numbers and our ‘qual’ stories. #Sex Money Fun is our top line attempt at doing that.

One curious thing about #Sex Money Fun in Kenya is when and where it happens.

Together, these activities are strengthening the entire health system.

In addition to the key areas of focus outlined below, we are expanding our work to address the rising burden of noncommunicable diseases in Kenya.

And not just any word but a digitally interactive hashtag word at that.