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Matt Zoller Seitz (currently the television critic for Salon) and I share a love of Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight, and in that, I know we are not alone.

Dogfight, written by Bob Comfort, and directed by Nancy Savoca, stars Lili Taylor as Rose Fenny, a shy frumpy waitress living in San Francisco in 1963, dreaming of being a folk singer, and River Phoenix, at his very best, as Eddie Birdlace, an angry Marine about to ship over to Vietnam (before the Vietnam War took over the airwaves).

The “dogfight” of the title is a contest held by the Marines judging the ugliest girl brought to a party, held specially for that purpose.

See more » With the chaos that engulfed the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, many people probably would have guessed that comedies could never come out of there.

"Crna macka, beli macor" (called "Black Cat, White Cat" in English) would disprove that completely!

We get asked what sex is here at Scarleteen a lot, but we also ask our users what it is a lot, because (possibly just like you) we don't always know what someone means when they talk about sex or having sex.

People tend to use the word sex very differently or arbitrarily: what sex is or means for one person can be radically different than what it is or means to someone else.

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