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Anyway, 120 episodes just isn't enough for a show this good. Plus this says "All Kinds of Daughters-in-law" will take the Mon-Fri time slot starting from June 5th.

Everything would seem rushed in the last 30 minutes and I really don't like it when they rushed the ending.

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Matihetihe marae is a coastal marae about 10 kilometres north of the Hokianga harbour, and a similar distance south of the Whangape harbour. Beyond is the great Moana Tapokopoko-a-Tawhaki (Tasman Sea).

It is reached via West Coast Rd, Mitimiti and the land it sits on is Tao Maui Reserve 1B2 and C2 (Parirau-a-Paparangi Trust).

The marae consists of a wharenui Tumoana; a wharekai, Nga Ringa Rau o Te Akau; the old wharekai, and an ablutions block.

Next to the marae complex is Hato Hemi the catholic church building also owned by the marae.

It's a good drama, good acting, good story, good director, good movie crew .. An emotional reunion would've been great but that didn't happen. I hope this has a good ending similar to Blow Breeze.

The only good thing about this drama were Doo-Na and Min Kyu. Although I didn't like Min Kyu in the beginning, he manage to change his ways and become a better character. When Hye-Ri found out from Doo-Na and Min-Kyoo that Dr. So doesn't that mean at most 5 more episodes from Golden Pouch?Matihetihe is one of 23 marae that are part of Te Rarawa iwi (tribe).Its hapu (subtribe) Te Tao Maui and another hapu of note is Te Hokokeha.I am on ep 108 and out of everyone in this show the most i feel sorry for is Geum Sul-Hwa, as it seems she is the one to always get crapped on.First she gives up jobs for her sister that treats her like &hit and then she does not get to marry Yoon Joon-Sang and then winds up going to marry Han Suk-Hoon and now he drops her like a hot potato.I started wondering if this idea (and corresponding idioms) existed in other languages.