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If you suddenly had access to a time machine, where would you go? I know I speak for many readers of my blogs when I say that I would go back to the first time I encountered the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) devotees and observe one of them preaching to a much younger version of myself. --glowing with hope and wonder as I was subjected to a carefully scripted indoctrination process would be heart-breaking.Still, I know I (from the future) would never hesitate to confront the devotee and demolish each and every of the Hare Krishna cult’s repugnant and laughable beliefs. I only wish someone had had the courage and knowledge to warn me and so many others. If you hesitate, the friends or relatives you might otherwise have rescued from these pseudo-Hindu fanatics will waste their lives chasing laughable delusions and eventually find themselves wishing but unable to undo the past.Behind the promises of easy attainment of heavenly reward lies a trash heap of bigotry and pseudo-scientific nonsense most newcomers are kept from encountering until it is too late.

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At today's temples, young people in jeans and t-shirts worship alongside middle-aged white men in saffron robes and Indian immigrants in flowing saris.

ISKCON communities now offer premarital counseling, participate in interfaith activities, run social service programs, and offer babysitting--just the kind of institutionalization early converts were fleeing.

If you think that Hare Krishnas disappeared when the Age of Aquarius ended, look in the next cubicle– they may be working in your office, wearing a suit, with a full head of hair.

This week the Hare Krishnas celebrate their 40th anniversary, and they’ve joined the American mainstream.

I know these essays have changed lives and saved many families from losing a son or daughter to a cult that will alienate them.

If I have helped save even one person from such a fate, my life is a success, no matter how much I have personally suffered.

The Jiyada-nrsimha temple is situated on the top of a hill about five miles away from Visakhapatnam.

There is a railway station on the South Indian Railway known as Simhacala.

Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu went forward on His South Indian tour.

He arrived at the place of pilgrimage known as Jiyada-nrsimha.

If I were to speculate I would say it was the natural progression of Protestantism which paved the way for such confusion to come on the scene and be accepted.