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Opening Doors Within – access soul guidance using the Virtue of your type.

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With powerful meditations and exercises, the Enneagram helps you rediscover your divine inheritance and find your flow.” In Abundance and The Enneagram, Robert presents an overview of the nine Ennea­Types, helps you to identify your own Ennea­Type, and guides you through nine soul meditations to help you grow and prosper.

Key themes Unbroken Wholeness – align yourself with the “untypeable” nature of your soul.

The Enneagram Personality Mapping system consists of nine distinct personality types, all with different world views and focuses of attention.

By learning about the system, women can begin to understand the different personality types of their partners and establish more satisfying relationships.

Let’s look at an example of a Type pairing that does not fall under any of the aforementioned qualifiers, yet I have encountered several of these pairs in love and business relationships (excerpt from the section Dynamics and Distinctions in my book ): Type 6 The Loyal Skeptic and and Type 8 The Boss Type 6s like to be protected and feel safe, and Type 8s like to protect.

Type 6 can be very loyal, and Type 8 demands loyalty. Type 8s have a more focused and intentional way of being active, while Type 6s keep busy trying to allay their own anxiety.Join Robert Holden in magical Findhorn for a spiritual journey with The Enneagram – one of the oldest self­awareness tools on our planet, dating back 2,500 years.“The Enneagram reminds us that our soul nature is creative and naturally abundant,” says Robert, “whereas the ego gets stuck in fear (energy blocks), fixations (mental blocks) and passions (emotional blocks) that stop you flourishing.Know your Type – learn how your ego limits and blocks everyday abundance.The Receiving Meditation – open up to a whole new level of receptivity.I have found this system highly useful when working with couples in my intensive retreats.