Elements organizer updating

Use the steps below to help resolve errors and other issues that occur if your catalog file or one of its support files is damaged.To benefit most from this information, perform the tasks below in the order they are listed.

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Files with the same name, modification date, and size as the missing files are used to reconnect them to the catalog.For operations such as to print, email, edit, or export the file, missing files are reported only when you try to use them.This works OK but all the work I have put in adding the photo to events/albums/faces is obviously lost.Please could you let me know if there is a way to update location based on GPS data.When you import files from an external drive, the import dialog allows you to copy files to your computer after import.

If you deselect the Copy Files On Import option, and select Generate Previews option, low-resolution copies called preview files are created.The first time you open the upgraded version of the Organizer it will ask you if you want to port over your old catalog to the new one. If you are upgrading from an older version, your Tag Tree may not have transferred.You can get the new Organizer working very much like your old one by importing your organizational keyword Tag Tree from a prior version.In such instances, the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box opens.appears on items that are offline (stored on disk/drive, not on the local hard drive).Note: If your catalog is stored in a non-default location, it doesn't appear in the Convert Catalog window by default.