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As I’ve said before: there’s being good looking, and then there’s being attractive.

One is about your physical looks and the other is about your overall presentation.

If you want women to be approaching you, you have to pay attention to your style, your grooming and your smell.

Here are your war stories and triumphs on sex, love, and boys.

Either you're a plus-sized girl, with those kinds of criticisms around you (from people who really aren't worth your time), or you're not a plus-sized girl, but may be worried about possibly you be allowed to feel safe and happy in your body no matter what size it is and that your personal health and well being are your own business.

Remember that time the plus-size Laura Croft became fodder for mean memes and cyberbullying? With various people, to this day, still justifying "fat shaming," as if it's their civil duty to the world to make someone feel like crap by judging them harshly on their outward appearance, it's no wonder so many women and girls have a hard time with self confidence and expressing themselves.

But hey, it'll take a lot more than that mess to stop lovely plus-size ladies such as Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Denise Bidot and hundreds of other women from feeling whatever the heck they want and feeling sexy.

I get tired of always handling everything and making plans all the time.

So I stood back and let him lead the way…until I saw an opening and dove in and asked a couple girls to get the f*ck out of the way so I could get to the bar (Kidding, I politely asked. Must you stand in front of the bar all damn night when others need to get drinks? He looked impressed as I ordered my Manhattan and his beer. Or I’m just really good at procuring alcohol for myself. We find some little corner of solitude (more like less obnoxiously loud and crowded area) and settled into first date small talk.

I might have thought she had an identical necklace, except I hand-made mine. I had practiced for weeks, rehearsed with the choir many times and spent hours stressing.

When I told her it was mine, she accused me of trying to steal it and that it was a gift from her sister.

There is a great deal of social programming that warns women against being “that girl” – the pushy, clingy or “desperate” guy-chaser who drives men away, and there are many men who react badly to women who are “too forward”. but Look, there’s no getting around this: if you want to be the sort of guy that women approach, you have to put some effort into your appearance.

You don’t have to look like Michael Ealy or Ian Sommerhalder, but if you’re looking like you rolled out of bed and into whatever happened to be on the floor around you, women aren’t going to be inclined to linger in your presence no matter how hot you are or aren’t.

My manager doesn't see why I don't need to be in the office.