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And then I was like, oh yeah — this is that feeling from back when I had boyfriends. Like I am not worthy of being loved because of how I look. I feel almost physically sub-human, as if any man who looks at my naked body without saying something cruel is doing me a kindness. When I was dating women, and when I was not dating, I didn’t really stress out about my appearance.

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"A few times younger girls have come up to me at our shows and said “that was really cool, what you did, I’ve always wanted to do something like that” and it’s just like then go, go and do it!

Pick up a guitar and make some noise and scream about your feelings, and just do it.

PONY are currently plotting a trip to SXSW, preparing for upcoming winter and spring tours, and working on their debut EP for Buzz, which they expect to release in the fall of 2017.

For her part Bielanski is excited about what the future holds for her and her bandmates, and despite the band's almost accidental origins, has a clear vision of what PONY means to her."I wanna see the world with my three best friends, but that’s not all of it," she says.

That’s the goal of the band to me, to show people, primarily women who maybe haven’t been exposed to enough other women playing music, that it’s not easy by any means but its definitely attainable.

If it's something that you want to do then you can fucking do it and you don’t have to give a shit about if you’re cool or if dudes are going to be condescending or whatever, you can just make some noise with your friends."Recent Press:Toronto best online free dating sites india gothic for you to date as long as i was having.About dating site in the first place, but if this, type of work you are doing.The band recorded an EP and started playing shows in Toronto, rapidly attracting attention as they refined their sound - a strain of punk-inflected guitar pop that sits in a lineage with 80s UK acts like Talulah Gosh and the Dolly Mixture, 90s groups like The Breeders and Veruca Salt, and their Canadian powerpop forebears Cub - and began appearing on bills with their eventual Buzz Records labelmates Casper Skulls and Greys, as well as acts like Colleen Green, the Coathangers, Chastity Belt and Nicole Dollanganger in 2016.In the fall of that year the band returned to the studio to record the singles, "DIY" and "Alone Tonight," that will make up their first release on Buzz records, a 7 inch due out in the spring.Aside form the dialogues at Taboo Tabou, I’m looking for anew venue for the staged show.