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I failed to post the new image Capcom made for USF2.

It's a Bengus illustration made in the same style of his SSFII poster from over 20 years ago. More than 25 years after SFII launches, we're getting another version!

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Inspired by the taverns of the ancient Roman neighborhood it was named for, Aventine is also built from San Francisco history—a 150 year-old seawall, which marks the site of the infamous Barbary Coast, is part of its foundation.Modern twists on classic SF cocktails like the Pisco Brut Punch and the Driftwood flow from the main bar, which is framed by brick walls, large windows and artifacts dating back to Jackson Square’s more infamous times.If you saw them in a wine shop, you might never know that Red Stitch wines have any connection whatsoever to baseball.But turn the bottle around, thumb over the back label and squint: You’ll notice a ...Downstairs in the parlor, oriental carpet, leather armchairs, and a luxurious dark wood bar juxtapose with the saltwater stained wall and open rafters for a masculine lounge that feels almost private—which is an option for members who reserve on of Aventine’s handcrafted liquor lockers.

But that’s not to say Aventine wants to be exclusive: the owners’ come-one, come-all policy means the place occasionally erupts into the alley for an impromptu block party.

Some are juicy, some are crazy, and some will have you screaming, "I had the same thing happen to me!

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Harvest at the Oak Knoll winery was in full, chaotic swing, oozing juices of Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Trefethen Family Vineyards’ main ranch extends over 400 acres on the valley floor in Oak Knoll, and contains nine different grape varieties.

Because it’s so far south in the Napa Valley, and closer to ...

Cities enact and enforce these criminal laws as "quick-fix" solutions to remove homeless people from sight, rather than addressing the underlying causes of homelessness.