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In short, she is ensuring that you are a guy who fits what she is looking for, and that will result in a better dating experience and relationship in the end.

So, look at the woman who plays hard to get as a positive challenge instead of a woman who is making you question every move you make. Keep moving forward and try to figure out a way to move past her hard exterior and find that soft spot where she finally gives in and starts to warm up to you.

(read my article about how make a man want you) However, here’s the point: you could be ‘hard to get’ trash, and nobody would want you. If you want to avoid the trap of seeming needy or desperate – whilst still wanting a man’s attention and love – watch the video above and use the quick and easy method I give to become instantly more attractive to your man – or the man you would like to be with.

If you don’t use the methods we give in the video, then perhaps you won’t ever really find out what men want and need, be confused as to why men do what they do, and probably get frustrated and upset over why your love life isn’t turning out the way you wanted it to.

My name is Renee, and let me quickly tell you what I believe…

I believe you have the power to attract your ideal man, have him fall head over heels in love with you, wanting to commit deeply to you and have the passionate relationship you’ve always dreamt about.

They read these crappy tips which have been made up by “relationship experts” which tells them to keep men chasing them. They don’t want to be seen as “easy” Women have a BIG issue when it comes to social stigma.

They hate being seen as whores, cheap, easy or cheaters so will do whatever it takes to keep themselves away from those associations. They want a man who is strong, secure and confident It’s ingrained in them I’m afraid.

She may be making sure that you are a guy that is worthy of her, and that shows a lot of self-confidence, which is something you should want in a woman.

She is also trying to ensure that you really like her and that you are not just trying to get in her pants for a one night stand or something.

I’m not talking about a woman who has outright told you she doesn’t like you.

I’m talking about a woman that is showing interest in you, but making it a challenge to get her or win her over. She can send mixed signals, cause you to doubt yourself, and make you feel bad when she rejects your advances.

You may be aware that in the dating and relationships world, some experts will tell you that playing hard to get is the way to get the man you want, or to become more attractive.