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A crisp, fresh coat of white was the perfect solution to make a statement.

Generally, even mass-produced furniture from before 1960 is sturdier and better made than today's cheap furniture — your find doesn't have to have antique value to be a great vintage piece that will give you years of service.

Still, you should be careful with really old pieces, mostly those made before 1850, because refinishing them yourself can hurt their value.

Luckily this week’s vintage catalog provides lots of ideas and inspiration.

The catalog was directed by Hazel Dell Brown — an amazing historical figure, the longtime queen of interior design at Armstrong.

Hazel points out that this flooring can come to the rescue when a room’s furnishings are undistinguished. The catalog also shows different ways that linoleum can be used — including on kitchen counter tops.

Today, we hear often from readers who find remnants of vintage flooring in closets and at the bottom of cabinets. Homemakers likely only had paint, fabric and — yes, flooring — to spice up their interiors. And here’s another example of the Pennsylvania Dutch style — shown with a brick patterned linoleum floor that amplifies the warmth from the fireplace across the entire room.What a charming format for what is basically an Armstrong linoleum sales brochure.The catalog contains several ideas specific to linoleum patterns — which were super common in 1940s decor. From the sounds of this catalog, folks were making do with the furniture they had and adding spiff around the edges. For some, creating these kinds of rooms is easy — others may need a little help, especially if the room they start out with is less than ideal. For example, this 1940s kitchen — with its lovely green cabinetry, bits of red scattered about the room and that fantastic linoleum floor — is just calling me to come inside and spend an afternoon baking pies.The resources you need are now right at your fingertips, in one place, at the Architect’s Corner.