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In fact, she has often found herself to be the object of envy of younger women (pictured on holiday in Egypt last August)Laila was 55 at the end of her second marriage, but she regained her confidence by dating a man called Peter (pictured) who was just 28 years old. They were happily engaged for two more years after that until Laila had suspicions that Peter was cheating on her Laila also encourages other middle-aged women to consider dating toyboys.

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"I am a 53 year old recently divorced man getting back in the dating game.My problem is I can easily pass for being in my late 30's.I am fit, toned and dress younger than most men in their 50's. I am attracted to younger women because I still have the vigor and attitude of a younger man. " There are a lot of reasons why people in general are attracted to folks who are considerably (10 years) younger than themselves: to feel young again, to feel attractive to someone still in their reproductive prime, to enjoy the rush that youth provides (as opposed to the jadedness or anger some of us wear as we get older), and to feel proud that someone young and desirable is on our arm.Age is the best dating site for younger women older men dating. For 11 years, we have successfully helped people who celebrate age gap dating and they come to us with a sincere desire to get involved in such relationships.Free of the embarrassment and annoyance, go for what makes you really happy.Blix never forgave our father out of the dating a man 7 years younger, settling heavily with sarcasm.