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The Script's Danny O'Donoghue has denied reports that he is dating The Voice UK finalist Bo Bruce.

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Or are they one of those elusive couples who managed to stay friends after a split?The Script's Danny O'Donoghue and model Irma Mali ended their three year romance last year, but are still often spotted together.While it's still unclear if they pair flew to the Caribbean together or met while there, the singer has said she's keen to spend more time with the Dubliner to see if their friendship can turn to romance.Danny was recently linked to actress Lindsay Lohan, who denied they had a fling last year and reportedly enjoyed a romance with Brazilian model Anna de Paul, whom he met in The Script's video shoot for No Good in Goodbye.But he was told he was not allowed to, because he couldn’t be seen with me in public." Rumours about the pair getting together began after Danny split from model girlfriend Irma Mali last year.

The waif-like singer made it to the finals of the first UK series of the contest, impressing fans with her distinctive sound, simultaneously fragile but rocky, on tracks including 'Without You', 'Charlie Brown' and 'Read All About It'.

“We didn’t want people to think we were a self-adoring band. Honestly it’s not bad for business,” he clarifies now.

We wanted people to accept us for the music first.”“We don’t want to be known for being famous ... But did he tell his ex-girlfriend, Imra Mali, that it was just rumours? “People have been saying that since I was f***ing 12 years old. I got home and there was an ambulance outside at about four o’clock in the day.

You’re not going to catch us falling out of f***ing nightclubs saying, ‘I was with this person or that person,’ just to get f***ing press.”This seems odd, as just last week he told Irish broadcaster RTE he didn’t initially deny rumours that he was dating his The Voice protégée Bo Bruce because “I thought this could actually be quite advantageous,” he said. “I’d broken up with her months before, I didn’t need to… She knows because she’s been in a relationship with me for four years, it’s like, ‘Oh more bullshit’.” Over those years there can’t have been that much bullshit. It still hasn’t stopped us doing the things we’ve done,” and of course he realised that “the benefits [of going on The Voice] are that people will know who we are at the end of it.” But O’Donoghue insists his real motivations were more altruistic, for the music industry.“It’s actually bad for our whole genre for people not to know that you’re successful. My mum said he’d gone to work fine and literally that night, gone.”What he hadn’t been able to confront with his first album, he could third time around.“We were sipping on whiskeys and before we knew it, I started to write this verse.

“After the four months that we’ve been run through the press we could have tweeted and put a stop to it, but between me and Mark [Sheehan, co-writer and The Script guitarist] we went, ‘Were you hurt over this? If you don’t see The Script, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Maroon 5, having a public persona then your image is going to be that that type of music is gone or going away.”By “that type of music”, what O’Donoghue means is bands who write their own songs and play their own instruments. “That is important to bring back to mainstream pop … ‘Here’s my album, it’s an album that represents my life,’ and you haven’t written one lyric on it? I couldn’t stop writing and as I was writing I was crying.” Now he says of his loss, “It’s a sore but it’s not as raw …

Yes, his band had already released two number one albums, but he was still nicknamed Danny O’Dunno-who.