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Other services needed by the employer that occur infrequently generally are performed by contractors.

Contractors have more than one employer and typically are paid by the job instead of with wages.

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MTSU's American Concrete Institute (ACI) student chapter hosts guest speakers and visits plants, job sites, and industry functions.Members coordinate actual concrete placements for community services projects.Owning a home or a business has been part of the American Dream since the country's founding.But residences and office parks don't build themselves.Another major in the School of Concrete and Construction Management leading to a B. Students interested in studying architecture may take a set of courses that allows completion of up to 24 general education hours commonly found in accredited architecture programs, but it is necessary to transfer to another university to complete a degree in architecture.

School of Concrete and Construction Management 615-904-8060 Heather Brown, director Heather.

This option is currently open to students from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Working with the paving industry, the School of Concrete and Construction Management has developed a certificate program in Road Construction Technology and anticipates considering applicants for this program in 2017. Students in Construction Management can choose from three concentrations: Commercial Construction Management, Electrical Construction Management, or Land Development/Residential Building Construction Management.

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CANES serves as the bridge to the future of Navy afloat networks, consolidating existing legacy and standalone networks, providing the necessary infrastructure for applications, systems and services to operate in the tactical domain.