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And, as courts found last month, it’s not something that should go unpunished.

A Houston woman was awarded 0,000 in damages after photos that she had shared with her ex-boyfriend ended up posted, maliciously and with ill-intent, on a number of websites. I thought I could completely trust him,” said a woman we’re just identifying as “Rosie.” Rosie’s young long-distance romance lasted seven years.

Let’s get this out of the way: “Revenge porn,” or the act of sharing private, nude images of a person without their consent, is an odious, vile thing.

Of course, the children do not tell their parents whom they are chatting with so how are parents supposed know who their kids are chatting with on the Internet.With the advent of Facebook and the other thousands of social networking and chat sites on the Internet, danger is only a click away.For part of it, she shared intimate moments with photos and Skype chats. “He would update me on how many people had seen it, or downloaded it,” she said. It’s devastating.” There’s no law against revenge porn in Texas and, without a crime, police couldn’t help Rosie.“If I ever sent him a picture, I asked him to delete it right away. Only after their breakup did Rosie learn that he didn’t. “He started threatening me, blackmailing me with the pictures and video, which I didn’t know he recorded,” Rosie said. Police may not have been able to help Rosie, but the legal system still did: her ex-boyfriend was punished in civil court, and ordered to pay half a million dollars in damages, a life-changing amount of money as punishment.Revenge porn is currently illegal in California and New Jersey, while legislation pends in other states.

According to KTRK, “Two state lawmakers are working on a bill that would make revenge porn illegal in Texas,” as well.The Internet Predators openly tell their age and their intentions and your kids openly talk to them about their own sexual desires. In the past, the thought was that the Internet predators were duping teenagers into thinking they were talking to a kid their own age.The statistics of this study shows that teenagers are knowingly chatting to adults. A world where our children still need to be protected from their curiosity. Imagine how you and your family would feel knowing that these pictures were sent to others over the internet. Yes, the child who sends it can be charged just as that criminal who requested it can be charged.- Go over who these predators are that have just been given a great means to find and stalk your child by these free apps. Okay, go on youtube and look up “kik trolling” These are kids actually pretending to be young girls and trying to get creepy guys to ask for nude pictures. Though they know more than us about these apps they do not realize how many sex offenders are out there waiting for an opportunity to fulfill their desires. Mom did not monitor what her daughter was doing on the internet. That is considered Child Pornography and they can be charged for having it or putting those out over these apps, e-mails or texts. Admit you are old (to them you are) and they know more than you about these apps.Some uncomfortable information must be shared with our kids and if that is what it takes to protect them, then so be it new friends? DO NOT TRUST YOUR CHILDREN ON THE INTERNET OR YOU MAY NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD ANYMORE. Remember Mom and Dad you are not your son or daughters friend you are their caregiver. By leaving your child unsupervised while they are online is not keeping them safe. These pictures were posted on a website for the entire world to see. We also took a report of a 11- year old who was doing sexual acts to herself and sending them through her smart phone to what she believed was a 11-year old boy.