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Dash cam footage is now accepted by some insurers to settle who was at fault in an accident and it’s also admissible in court.

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It's not entirely our fault, cloud storage is the service most commonly talked about in the consumer space.Cloud computing, where multiple servers in a data center somewhere process local data so your single local machine doesn't have to, is an entirely different set of technologies.The filmer may also rely on cinema employees who will overlook infringement activity because of an existing friend or family relationship, collusion, bribery, or apathy to the law.In an attempt to impede this practice (as well as curb the smuggling in of non-theater food), some establishments now ban customers from carrying bags or other containers into theaters.Now, Sling Media, makers of the Slingbox for watching your cable channels on a tablet, is out with the new wireless multi camera solution that works on your i Pad.

Sling Studio solves the cabling problem by working wirelessly, streaming 1080p30 or 60p video over wifi back to the base hub, which can then be controlled and wirelessly by an i Pad.That i Pad app allows you to not only monitor up to 10 feeds, but you can also edit, recording to SD card in the base station or an attached hard drive.The flexibility is tremendous, with both a cut sequence and separate isolated video tracks being recordable to the external hard drive.Whether it's shooting a local band, sporting event, or church service, clients frequently want their events covered and it can be a fun way to keep growing your skills and paying for new gear.The biggest hurdle, however, has been the extensive cabling required for a live multi camera set-up, and the work required to edit it properly in post.A plugin brings the synced video into Premiere, yet another instance where the flexible plugin architecture of Premiere puts it ahead of Avid.