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We had been friends for 12 years, but it was always the wrong time to date each other.When my daughter turned three, it just so happened that neither one of us had anyone. I got kind of focused on myself and my family, my two children.

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there are still plenty of reasons why single parents may be hesitant to jump back into the world of dating.

Not wanting to your shift focus away from your kids, too many chores to do, too exhausted after working all day… It’s hard balancing a dating life while raising kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the endeavor.

Single moms' dating choices have bubbled up in the news recently as singer Ciara's relationship with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is called into question by her son's father, rapper Future, and Internet hecklers.

We wanted to hear what other single moms' experiences with dating were like.

It was a revolutionary book designed to get us the most treasured possession that all single women want…

We followed, we got the guy, but then half of us lost that guy. I was asking him if I somehow looked like the kind of woman that would say yes to this scenario. He said that women in their 30s and 40s are the most aggressive, and explained they even get angry when he says, “no”He went on to say, that men in their 30s and 40s now don’t know what to do when women aren’t offering themselves to them on a silver platter, so they end up asking for it in inappropriate ways. We got Tamika Stephens, 36, a kindergarten assistant, bartender, and doula raising a 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son; "A", 37, an actress, private chef, and mother to a 2-year-old son; and contributing writer, case manager, and doula Barbara Verneus, 34, and mother of a 19-month-old daughter on the phone to have some real talk on the difficulties of dating as a single mom.What follows is an edited down version of the two-hour conversation these ladies had.On a first date you need to get to know each other…and despite what a crazy busy world parents live in sometimes…your kids do NOT define you.Try to keep the baby talk off the plate until possibly the third-fourth date.Thankfully, there are several options for those looking for affordable housing.