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Others, however, might struggle to come to terms with such an unexpected revelation and, for a number of reasons, may be planning to run for the hills.

[Read: 20 signs to check for if you think he may be gay] How to get it right when dating a bisexual guy You may be of a highly traditional persuasion and struggle with the concept of someone existing in anything other than an entirely heterosexual relationship.

“It is crucial to also realize that gender and sexual orientation are two separate concepts that intersect,” Smith says. Going into your relationship, make sure you throw all preconceived notions of what it means to be bisexual out the window.Your guy might define it differently than you, and you don’t want your own biases to hinder what he’s trying to tell you.If he does seem interested, then you could try some flirting and maybe even ask him for a date.I’ve been married to my husband for almost two years now. Shoshie is awesome and supportive and I love him very, very much. And it turned out that I actually got pretty good at it.But sometimes I wish that we hadn’t gotten married so soon. But then, somewhere along the line (thank you, “But I’m a Cheerleader”!

Well, actually, I wish that we hadn’t started dating so soon. I’ve liked girls pretty much as long as I’ve liked boys, meaning, about as long as I can remember liking anyone. But I didn’t come out as bisexual (well, actually pansexual) until I was 21 or so. I have wonderful, accepting parents who love me regardless of sexuality. ) I realized that oh, that attraction I had towards women?I went to a fairly liberal high school and had a good number of queer friends. So it wasn’t really fear or concern that kept my mouth shut. Well, just because I liked and wanted to date men didn’t mean that I couldn’t also like and date women. Of course, by the time I got this figured out, I was dating a couple guys simultaneously and was all sorts of confused because I was about to graduate college and start grad school and even though there were totally cute ladies who were flirting with me in the college coffee shop I felt so completely overwhelmed that I didn’t think I could really go on any more dates ’cause oops no time. And, shortly thereafter, I started dating my now-husband.It was that…and, well, this is kind of embarrassing…it was that I really thought I was heterosexual until I was 21 or so. So at present, I’m a pansexual woman who has never even kissed another woman.You certainly don’t want to throw away a potential relationship, especially if all else is looking good, on the basis of a half-truth or lie.Go to him, confront him with this information and assess the truth of the matter. I liked boys, so clearly I fit into the first category. But, with some trial and error (OK, mostly lots of error), I figured out how to date boys.