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This protocol enables the exchange of the following type of messages: Some of the best software and hardware vendors in the Broadcast Industry are participating in the development of the MOS Protocol.The first meeting of the group was held in Orlando, Florida during the late summer of 1998 at AP’s ENPS developer’s conference.

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L’équipement complet (appareil, console de pilotage et ombilical) est conditionné dans une seule valise étanche, sur roulettes, pour un poids total de 29kg. Le mini-ROV Sentinel 3.0 dispose de batteries embarquées lui conférant une autonomie de 3 à 4 heures.

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Other types of Media Objects may be added to this list.

In General, the Newsroom Computer System is responsible for the creation, modification, and deletion of editorial information, including playlists.

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Based on feedback from the hardware and software vendors present, and AP’s own desire for an open protocol, the fundamental concepts of MOS were released to the public domain.

It is generally assumed, though not a requirement, that these objects will be stored in a non-linear device.

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